Media’s take on pseudo-media

Last Saturday July 15th, I got off work at 11:15 pm and got in my car. As usual on the weekend I usually listen to a CD but tonight I went back to my SiriusXM radio. I forgot that I had left it on channel 124 POTUS and they were playing the best of Michael Smerconish interviews from that week. The interview that was on was about an article written in The Atlantic titled “How the Left Lost its Mind.”

During the interview, the author of the article, McKay Coppins, was telling Smerconish that the point of the article was to show how the far left was going down the path of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the like. So I read and shared that article that night or early Sunday morning.

I found that though I do fall into the pseudo-media, a term I am using, I took the article to heart on how I want my podcast and my blog posts to try to remain as neutral as possible. However I know that is not always going to be the case.

How do I guard against my blog becoming too liberal or too conservative? I need to do my research, share the information I use, and watch the tone of my voice and typed words. To allow my personal opinion to seep in when I do not want nor is it warranted on the topic. That is not to say that I will not offer my opinion from time to time. There are topics, like healthcare, that I do know and understand well that I feel my opinion can be useful in providing the story a voice.

With that all said I want to provide the link to the Atlantic article and one other article that I found yesterday that is exactly what I do not want to become.

The Atlantic:

The second link is an article that shows how to become a click-bait site. It is titled “Democrats React to John McCain Being Diagnosed With Brain Tumor – Wow” and a title like that makes it sound that either the Democrats are heartless uncaring beasts that found a heart. Or it makes them sound like they just don’t care. Sites like this are what The Atlantic article are warning the left about.

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