Why the division?

Why the division? What division am I talking about? The division in political ideology. As I sit here typing, this there are conversations, both real life and cyber space, were people are taking sides and arguing points. Sometimes those points are factual based and some are opinion based. There is nothing wrong with this, most of the time.

The reason I say most of the time is the last few topics I have been a part of diverge from conversation to vitriol and hate spewing siege of ideologies. The division stems from our critical thinking/free will. Whether you believe in a higher power such as God or Allah, or in evolution has provided our brains to make decisions, this is the cause of our division.As we know there are people who agree with our opinions and there are those people that do not.

What we are seeing now is that the division is going on is getting wider. We are having a nation wide political conversation that is mainly coming from the extremes. As I try to do here, on social media I try to be as independent as possible meaning I am trying to show objectivity as possible. Lately though I find myself having to defend the left side more and more from the right as I am seeing complete and utter breakdown of decorum.

Why are we having this breakdown? Some will say the left are being a bunch of crybabies and some will say that the right are being a bunch of Fascists. Why the name calling? In my opinion people cannot debate.

People can argue in only two realms, “I am right.” and “You’re wrong.” These lead to at first a civil conversation but as soon as people start bringing information, whether fact or opinion, it becomes a heated arguments with name calling. Once the name calling happens all the gloves come off and the conversation is gone.

What we need to have happen is to have a civil conversation where FACTS are presented and debated point for point. This will not happen as long as we have politicians that cannot debate either. Watching the latest presidential debates, elections, and the aftermath people are more concerned with mud flinging.

What I am asking of people is that you leave the heated, passionate vitriol a side and stay with the passionate, objective debate of the facts. Base your opinions on the facts. Keep an eye out for Constitutional topics.

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