What is the first step?

What is the first step?

What is the first step that I feel I need to do with this blog? I need to share with you what my goals are with this blog. My first goal is to try to be objective about the political issues covered. In order to do that I have to first tell you about my political views.

To give you a picture of what has shaped my political ideology, I need to share some of my history. First and foremost I grew up in the former logging town of Aberdeen, WA. While largely conservative, and white, in nature there were in my teenage years adults that showed me to think and search out both sides of all stories. They might not have been liberals or progressives as we define them today, they did teach me that politics are not a cyclical event like the Olympics or the World Cup.

After high school I joined the U.S. Navy in the service of the submarine fleet in August of 1999. Here I learned more about the diversity of our nation. I worked with many fine men and women of various races, ethnic groups, and religions. At the time the submarine fleet was male only, though I did work with plenty of women in the shipyards and piers, and here you had to prove yourself via the qualification process. The process doesn’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

One of my senior enlisted shipmates helped to shape my critical thinking skills more. Again it was look at an issue and see all sides to it. Often times there is a common ground and we have to work to find it. Most of these lessons were in looking for issues in wire diagrams, it sparked the idea that I can apply these skills in my every day life and more importantly, looking at political stories.

After I got out of the Navy, I was very much a moderate conservative, leaning more and more progressive. What I have done since is take a more Independent stance. By that I mean that for each and every issue I weigh it on the merit of the facts I can get from all available sources. Some times it may look like I am progressive on one issue or I am conservative on another, but that is because I want to learn.

Just because we will not agree on everything, does not mean we cannot have respectful discussions on political issues. My goal for this blog is to root out the facts and present you with my opinion on those topics. I also want to discuss the US Constitution, but not lecture on black and white, but understand that it is full of grey areas that we as a nation must wade through. We have to try to understand how the framers saw the world, and also see the world as it is today.

I invite you to please follow my site for my written posts and soon podcasts..


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